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Covana Evolution

Covana Evolution

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No Limits to cover your hot tub!

Its refined design gives the Covana Evolution a sleek and streamlined look while its adjustable size offers the greatest range of possibilities to fit larger hot tubs. We are proud to make elegance, security and ease-of-use available to you to make your spa experience a unique one!

Thanks to its modularity, the Covana Evolution is compatible with most large and circular hot tubs. Enjoy peace of mind and privacy with its optional retractable shades and a modern streamlined design for a contemporary look. 

10 Benefits to Covana: 

  1. Fully Automated – Less effort, more comfort. Fully automated, it elevates and lowers using a key to eliminate any handling effort. 
  2. 2 IN 1 – Covana Combines the benfits of a gazebo and a hot tub cover in just one innovative product, allowing you to make the most of your spa in all seasons.
  3. Safety – The Covana safely locks, fully covers and secures your hot tub, allowing full control on who accesses the spa. 
  4. Intimacy – The Optional retractable shades give a pleasant feeling of intimacy and protection against the elements. 
  5. Energy Saving – Water tight seal minimizes water evaporation therefore saving water, energy and maintenance product costs. Moreover, its above industry standard insulation value makes it the most efficient cover on the market
  6. Durability – The Covana cover will last as long as your spa, thanks to its aluminium structure, its rigid, seamless ABS Thermoplastic hardtop or high efficiency fiber reinforced XPS core thermal element. 
  7. Innovative Design – Our products give you the flexibility to transform your outdoor space, when open they will complement your garden, when closed they will not obstruct your garden view.
  8. Universal – the Covana products are compatible with most brands of hot tubs and swim spas. Everything is intended to make your life easier. 
  9. Sturdy – Durable, built to last design protects against both hot and cold harsh weather as well as harmful ultraviolet radiation. 
  10. Elegant – Luxurious, modern, quiet, Covana is the perfect addition to the hot tub and swim spa of your dreams.



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