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Jubilee LE

Jubilee LE

Price: £8,995
Seating Capacity: 7 Adults
Dimensions: 2.3m x 2.4m x 0.92m
Water Capacity: 1,800 litres Litres
Jets: 55 stainless steel hydrotherapy jets

Purpose built hot tubs for the leisure market.

If you intend on providing a hot tub as part of a rental arrangement either on a house let or on short lets on cabins or caravans in holiday parks or are looking to fit a spa pool into a leisure centre then you need to choose a compliant product.

Riptide have a range of 3 hot tubs suitable for house lets or leisure park rentals which we call our Leisure Edition Spas.

All our products exceed HSG282 (health and safety guide section 282) which means they include automatic chlorination, but they are also built for the reality of rental life, which means no pillows or bar top controls that customers can break.

Riptide Jubilee Leisure Edition is purpose built for the Holiday Park market.

This luxurious Jubilee LE hot tub seats 7 people with ease.

Fully compliant with the HSG282 legislation – fitted with an automatic chemical dosing system and exceeds the requirements for filtration and volume of water per bather.

The larger multi height seats with many jet varieties make this spa great to move around in and give wonderful hydrotherapy. With 55 individually controlled hydrotherapy jets, water edge lighting making the Jubilee LE a wonderful addition to your property.

• Jubilee Leisure Edition • Size 2300mm x 2400mm x 920mm

• 1800 Litres

• 55 jets

• 2 jet Pumps plus dedicated silent circulation pump

• 230v 21 amps-36 amps subject to your heating needs

• Seats 7 bathers (meets the minimum 250l per bather guidance)

• Self-dosing inline chlorinator system for pristine water

• Ozone secondary sanitisation

• Continues silent water filtration

• Total water turnover every 15 minutes

• Temperature control below 40 Degrees

• All equipment and chlorinator readily accessible

• No pillows or top mounted diverter or air valves to get broken

• HSG282 Fully compliant Hot Tub

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