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AquaLife Duo 6.0

AquaLife Duo 6.0

Price: price on request
Seating Capacity: 7 Adults
Dimensions: 5.9m x 2.35m x 1.29m
Water Capacity: 7600 Litres
Jets: 4 Riptide Turbo Jets + 30 Hydrotherapy Jets

The ultimate entertainment, relaxation and exercise center. With a plunge pool, never ending swimming pool plus a separate hydrotherapy hot tub allowing you to enjoy different temperatures for your swim and spa activities. Forming one of the finest exercise pools available today.

The AquaLife Duo is a market leading exercise pool and fully featured hot tub all in one. Two volumes of water ensure that the spa is hot for a perfect hydrotherapy massage, and the swim end is at a lower temperature suitable to swim in. If you have the space this is a superb aquatic leisure center in your own home.

Set the swim experience you want
The Hot Tub end is perfect for up to 5 adults. With 35 powerful hydrotherapy jets and underwater and bar top LED lighting a wonderful space to relax on your own or with family and friends

The Swim section at a lower temperature to swim in features our exclusive TurboJet SwimSystem offering a smooth and turbulent free swimming experience. You can set the swim strength to your ability, with plenty of swim space.

Economical to own
The AquaLife Duo is insulated with high density 2lb closed cell foam insulation with ThermoLock system. Making the AquaLife a very economical swim spa to own full of the latest technology.

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