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Athena 8.0

Athena 8.0

Price: price on request
Seating Capacity: 3 Adults
Dimensions: 8m x 2.25m x 1.54m
Water Capacity: 11,890 Litres
Jets: 4 Riptide Turbo Jets + 38 Hydrotherapy Jets

Colossus pools by Riptide offer a world beating range of superior length exercise pools and swim spas. The range features 3 unique shell designs with an ultra powerful counter current system and indestructible galvanized steel frame. Colossus pools are designed for serious swimming in the ultimate pool space, offering great quality and style great for exercise and fun for the whole family.

The Athena Pro pool has the stunning, sleek lines of a thoroughbred. An incredible 8m long, 1.5m deep and 2.25m wide, the Athena is an engineering triumph.

The four powerful Turbo jets are controlled by a 10 speed variable speed drive allowing you to adjust the turbulence free counter current to match different swim styles and swimmer abilities.

The superior length and width of the Athena, together with the tiled swim line on the pool floor allows you to fully relax and concentrate on your stroke without the worry of bumping into the pool sides.

Take a deserved rest between workouts in one of the adjustable, fully jetted lounger seats well away from the counter currents.


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