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Dimensions: 5.8m x 2.25m x 1.27m
Water Capacity: 7,600 litres Litres
Jets: 4 Turbo Counter Current Jets. 60 Hydrotherapy Jets with Stainless Steel Escutcheons

The ultimate swim and spa package, the Poseidon gives you the best of both worlds, to form one of the finest exercise pools available today.

Two volumes of water ensure the spa end can be adjusted to warmer temperatures to aid circulation and sooth tight, tired muscles from the 60 high performance hydrotherapy jets.

The pool end features four powerful Turbo Swim Jets by Riptide – to enjoy turbulent free water to exercise in shifting up to 2,200 gallons of water per minute – easily adjust the speed to personalise your swim experience.

High performance pumps, corona discharge ozone systems and industry leading filtration ensure you can always be sure of a clean and safe pool experience  any time of the day.

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