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Ultimate 7 Swim Spa

Ultimate 7 Swim Spa

Seating Capacity: 6 Adults
Dimensions: 7m x 2.35m x 1.54m
Water Capacity: 11,750 Litres
Jets: 4 x Patent Turbo Jets + 30 Hydrotherapy Jets + 12 body recovery air jets

Our latest swim spa to our fantastic range is the ultimate 7 – when size is important this model is certainly large enough for the whole family! With a superior depth of 1.5m and length of 7m the Ultimate 7 Swim Spa is by far our largest and most impressive swim spa. This swim spa incorporates two completely different zones, for those looking for a spa pool experience that really goes the extra mile this is it, two volumes of water ensure that the hot tub is perfect for a hydrotherapy massage, and the pool end is at a lower temperature perfect to swim in.

The Ultimate 7 is a fantastic swim and spa combination pool, with a variable speed drive on the pool end to give you the flexibility of swim that you need. Whether a child learning to swim to a professional athlete completing their workout regime, as standard with our patented counter current jets for the ultimate swimming experience.

Engineered For Excellence

The Ultimate 7 spa is perfect for up to 6 adults. With 30 self-cleaning powerful hydrotherapy jets plus 12 body recovery jets for a lighter massage which can be individually controlled, built in Bluetooth audio system, multi-coloured underwater and bar top LED lighting this really is a wonderful year-round space to entertain relax on your own or with family and friends.

This is a fantastic addition to any family home for those wanting to enjoy year round swimming, hydrotherapy or keep up with the fitness regime without leaving home. Set the mood-lighting in the dual zones and listen to the waterfall as you drift into paradise.

Engineered For Excellence

The Ultimate 7 is beautifully made to our exact specifications, with engineering you would not notice on the surface, but each difference adds up to more fun and less worry.

Ready For Use, Night And Day, All Year Round.

Riptide pools are economical to run thanks to the high density close cell foam insulation surrounding the shell enclosed in the cabinet, Riptide pools require very little cleaning as they incorporate a state of the art heating, fiteration and sanitising system. Keeping the water warm, clean, and crystal clear anytime of the day. The award-winning R18 multi-layer insulation – Shell, Cabinet, Base and Pipes keep your energy costs low.

Key Features

  • Energy Efficient: Thermal lock with R18 multi-layer insulation
  • 5 Year Component Warranty Inclusive of Parts & Labour 
  • 6-layer American acrylic shell – toughest shell on the market
  • Gecko keypad with colour screen display
  • In-spa surround sound with attached Bluetooth connectivity speakers


  • Seating Capacity: 6 persons
  • Seating: 5 hydro-therapy seats
  • Dimensions: 7.05m x 2.35m x 1.54m
  • Power: 45amp + 32amp
  • Control system: 2 x Gecko IN.K806 colour screen display
  • Heater: 2 x 3kw stainless steel heater
  • Acrylic Colour: Silver White Marble
  • Shell Material: Aristech™ 6 Layer Acrylic Shell (made in USA)
  • Cabinet Colour: Coastal Grey 

Water Pumps

  • Pumps: 4 x 3HP and 2 x 2HP with inverter on pool 
  • Circulation: 2 x 0.35hp
  • Ozone System: 2 x 50mg

Energy Efficiency – R Value R18

  • Acrylic Shell: 6-layer shell with 10mm high foam
  • Side skirt and panels: Full foam & 15mm dual aluminium foil
  • Base: Sealed ABS base with 15mm dual aluminium foil
  • Cover: Thermal Insulated safety covers with key locks


  • 30 hydrotherapy self-cleaning jets
  • 12 Body recovery jets 
  • 4 adjustable performance turbo swim jets


  • Multi-coloured LED lighting system
  • In-spa surround sound with integrated subwoofer

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